About anxiety.

About anxiety.

I hate the word anxiety. I hate that it is used as a way to label people. To me...anxiety is fear. It's like an overload of emotions is built up in your mind and you don't know how to get rid of it.

First of all I want to ask you not to label yourself as someone who has anxiety. Second I want you to know that it is only temporary. You don't/won't have to feel like this forever.

We all, as humans, struggle with control. We want control over everything in our lives because we think "If I have control then I have nothing to worry about." That is exactly where we go wrong.

God is in complete control. If you are striving for a deeper relationship with Him then know that He is in control of everything. 

Stop trying to handle & manage everything. Your job will be fine, your family struggles will subside, you will make it financially, you will get healthy, you will workout that conflict with your friend, etc etc.

Focus on one thing.

Forget everything & focus on this.

Love God & love others.

Pray this outloud: God I give you complete control. I acknowledge that you will provide for me. I acknowledge you as my savior. I am laying down all my burdens at your feet. Please guide my everyday decisions.

Thank you SO much for reading this!! I hope you have a great night!!!