Kristen Ellingson


Kristen Ellingson

I have seen so many people fall off the bandwagon of having intimate time with Christ or taking the time to attend/serve the Church. I understand that life gets crazy and my point isn't to make you feel guilty for missing church one night; but just to be aware of the different things that might be pulling us away. There are SO many distractions in this world; here are some of the things I have seen people get distracted by...

1. Romantic relationships.

People meet their boyfriend or girlfriend at the church while serving and then all of a sudden disappear. I completely understand the importance of quality time with each other but truly make an effort to have those dates on nights you don't attend church. Make serving the church and being involved in community a priority; God will truly bless you and continually teach you when you dig into His word. Invest in relationships with the people around, show them that you value their friendship. It is so important to have a support system behind your relationship!

2. Work

Sometimes people are too tired from a long day at work or too busy with homework to come to church; and when that happens every once in a while it is completely understandable! I have definitely done this! But the more you miss the easier it gets to stay away. It has helped me to create a schedule at the beginning of the week and make sure I have time set away on non-church days to complete all my work or take a night off. Don't let work be more important than your relationship with Christ.

3. Your families disapproval. 

Maybe some of you have parents or siblings who tease you and taunt you about the amount of time you spend at church or with your "christian friends".  This might mean that you are doing something right; they see a change in your life and it is probably making them uncomfortable. Keep doing what you are doing, be that example of Christ in your home. Respond to them in love and with respect, that might be the first step to your families understanding of how GREAT our God is.

4. The Media.

Almost everything the media produces is the opposite of God's word. All of the top chart songs in America right now promote drugs, idolatry, money, and power. Just be aware of the messages that you are absorbing. You don't have to be legalistic & anti anything that's not worship music but pay attention to the lyrics you are memorizing and the movie/T.V. shows you are watching.

There are so many other things that are distracting us. Our walk with Christ is a constant battle against what we, humans, instinctively want. If you have things in your life that are holding you back and you need some help or prayer I'd love to talk to you about it. You can click on the [CONTACT] box on the home page of this cite. Thank you for reading & I'm praying for whoever reads this!