This weekend I had an amazing opportunity where I got to attend a conference that was geared towards female entrepreneurs. There were many amazing speakers that were so inspiring and encouraging; I walked away feeling ready to conquer the world! Once I got home I was debriefing everything I learned with Shane when I realized something that was mind blowing to me!

All of the speakers were in their upper 20's and up. Realizing this made such an impact on me because after I graduated college I devoted all my time to photography. I consider myself a full-time photographer and for some reason I told myself that because of that title I had to constantly feel like I made It in the industry. Seeing and hearing these women talk about the growth and struggles they went through to get to where they are now reminded me that "Dude, you are 22 years old and have already made SO much progress. Trust the process." 

This honestly allowed me to take a deep breath and motivated me to work even harder instead of feeling defeated in the slower seasons. All those female business owners were in the same place I'm in when they were 20 years old and they kept working hard and kept paving the way for themselves.

After processing through all of that I knew I wanted to share what I learned and now I'll try to help apply It to your life! Tell yourself this "growth takes time". 

Maybe your biggest desire right now is to get married...relationships take time to develop and rushing into and through a relationship will most likely end in struggle. Be ok with taking time to grow together, to learn how to love each other the best way you can. Trust the process.

Maybe you are like me and have career goals but you aren't where you want to be yet. A trade takes time to perfect and the journey to reach those goals is going to teach you everything you need to know for that position. Trust the process!

Maybe you want kids (Shane and I talk about the timing of having babies pretty often) Growing a family takes time and similarly to the career path there is so much to do and learn about yourself before you can pour out love and knowledge on a tiny human. Trust the process.

"Trust the process" I've said that too many times in this post hahah. Here's what I mean by trusting the process. Find out what It is you are desiring and go to God to make sure It aligns with His will for your life because He truly truly knows whats best for you. Ask Him for guidance in your pursuit of this desire. Then get your hands dirty and work hard for what you are desiring. ALWAYS put God first and never let work or things come before healthy relationships/loving others. It will take time but you will get there.