Kristen Ellingson

Hi, I'm Kristen

Kristen Ellingson
Hi, I'm Kristen

Want to know something that breaks my heart? Seeing people hurt. I wish I could just save them from the pain. The issue is I can't. I feel so blessed that I can use this blog as a revenue to speak out in the things God shows to me. I get these blog ideas randomly all the time. I have a list of notes in my phone where I jot them down.

I wish everyone who reads my blog would know that these words don't really come from me. I basically reiterate what I read in the bible, what God tells me, and what I hear being taught in church. I'm not some super mature 21 year old that's got life down. Nope. Most of the blogs I write are letters to myself, I have to re-read them to remind myself of the lesson God taught me.

I really enjoy writing about relationships, it's crazy how much influence your significant other has on you. They can literally build you up or tear you down. That's something that really breaks my heart. Shane & I have seen people rush into marriage or stay in unhealthy relationships and we just look at them with broken hearts because we know their potential yet they are held down by this person. My prayer tonight would be that you, whoever you are would pray and ask God to guide the small details of your life. 

It's too easy to make mistakes. We need God's guidance; we create messes and He creates masterpieces. 

Anyways I am going to list some random facts about myself...

  1. I love Jesus
  2. I have senioritis right now (I'm about to graduate college)
  3. I love Shane LemMon like crazy and I literally don't know what I'd do without him
  4. I love my mini schnauzers and as I'm writing this they are cuddled on me on both sides
  5. I love my parents like crazy
  6. I love my in-laws
  7. My sister is my best girlfriend
  8. My church feels like home
  9. I am 21
  10. I love technology (secretly a geek)
  11. Photography man...I could take photos of everything
  12. Thinking of drinking coffee in the morning gives me butterflies
  13. I have to eat healthy (ish) because bad food hurts my stomach SO bad
  14. When I read the bible it inspires my creativity & makes my heart pound with excitment
  15. I wear PJ's with pancakes, eggs, and bacon on them
  16. One of my favorite things about marriage is getting to sleep by Shane's side
  17. Shane & I have 5 tubs of ice cream in our freezer right now
  18. There is no limit to how many chocolate chip cookies I can eat


I can't believe I just came up with 18 hahah if I have never met you in person will you PLEASE DM me on instagram or email me ( so we can be friends?!?



If you got to the bottom of this post GOD LOVE YA!