Kristen Ellingson

How do you know HE is the one?

Kristen Ellingson
How do you know HE is the one?

This is a question that many of us will ask. How do you know the person you are going to marry is right for you? I can't say that I have a perfected check list that will give you your answer but I can share some of the aspects in my relationship with Shane that are vital to our success.

1. How well do you communicate?

Communication is key. This sounds clich√© but in life you will face many different situations; good and bad. You need to be able to say how you feel about these things and truly express your opinion. Once you share your opinion you should know that it will be valued and considered. Remember that communication is two sided, if you don't respect what your person has to say there is a problem. 

2. Do you like each other?

This probably sounds so dumb but it's so important! Yes, you are two different people, things will get on your nerves. If you are planning on marrying this person you have to understand that they will be your partner and teammate at everything for the rest of your life. If your romantic relationships doesn't have a foundation of friendship I can imagine that the fire would die out. 

3. Do you respect/encourage each other?

Your person should be your number one supporter, your biggest fan. Each of us are given gifts from God and we are called to use to serve His kingdom. When we use those gifts to serve God it brings satisfaction to our lives, find someone who will build you up and encourage you to follow your dreams and passions. If the person you are with is tearing you down really stop and analyze your situation, do you want to be looked down upon your entire life.

4. Are they responsible?

Everyone has a different view point on this but I truly value the concept of a stay at home mom, I believe that it is vital to the development of a child. While I was dating Shane I had to stop and make sure that this man would do whatever it takes to provide for our family. He has such a great work ethic I just know that he will do whatever it takes. On the other side of this I don't think a woman's only purpose is to get married, make babies, and make dinner. Each and every one of you had a God given talent, He desires for you to use them for His glory. Tune in to what gift He has given & use it! 


How does he/she impact your relationship with Christ. The foundation of our life is God's word. It will be so difficult to follow Christ when you have someone constantly dragging you down, it is not impossible but it is more difficult. Why not find a spouse who will serve with you, pray through life situations with you, and teach you life lessons based on scripture.