Just come clean.

Just come clean.

Often times we make our lives more difficult than they should be. We mess up and we complicate it with our own mistakes. Everyone messes up so you shouldn't be ashamed but make sure that you handle it correctly so that there can be healing and resolution. Some messes can be solved by a simple "I'm sorry" and others take a bit more effort. In God's eyes all sin is equal but on earth & in regards to humans some sin can cause more havoc than others.

The sooner that you reach out to fix it the better. Our pride deceives us; we cast the blame on others and shove it aside thinking "it's not my problem", but that is the start to holding grudges and hardening your heart. 

Come clean & admit your faults. Speak the truth. You don't have to sugar coat it. Admit your fault so that your loved ones can hear the truth and begin the process of moving on. Lies will always come to the surface so be the one to share it before it gets out on its own. 

The truth will set you free.

Let go of the burden that lies are and begin the process of truly moving froward. In Christ there is healing.