Let go of your sin.

Let go of your sin.

Sin is crazy. Most of the time it feels so satisfying and so comfortable. WE might not even realize that we are doing anything wrong. Falling into sin can be a slow process that is difficult to recognize.

It's like getting into a cold pool, at first you just stick your toes in then next you go deeper then deeper. As you expose yourself to a sin more and more you lose your sensitivity towards it and it gets easier to indulge in it. 

The more you sin the less you feel regretful about committing it. The longer you give into it, the harder it is to get out of it. God provides us with guidelines for life, these instructions help us live a peaceful and joyful life and when you go outside of His interactions life gets more and more complicated.

Think of a time that you gave into a sin. It could have been sex outside of marriage, jealousy, disrespecting an elder, lashing out in your anger, or anything else. When you choose to do what you want instead of what God wants did it make your life better?

Something we do when we are sinning is convince ourselves that it isn't that bad, but doing anything outside of God's will takes away from the quality of our life.

If everything around you seems so messy, if you are filled with anger, if you are isolated, and if you know other people are angry with you just try to stop and evaluate your actions. Look at what you are doing and compare it to what God calls us to do. 

Thank you so much for reading through this blog I truly appreciate it. Every time I write it is like I am writing this reminder to myself. After reading through this entry it seems so harsh but it is just so important to understand that we have a lot of say in the quality of our life and when we sin we mess it up so much. I pray that you read this and know I am saying it with love; I want you to experience the joy that this life has to offer.