Kristen Ellingson

how I take care of my face

Kristen Ellingson
how I take care of my face

I am a strong believer in natural beauty; the less makeup the better. Growing up I had acne and my face was always dry and tired looking so I found myself putting on more makeup. I usually just used some cheap stuff from target because I didn't want to invest in quality product. Finally I found the stuff that truly worked and helped my skin SO much. I'm not a makeup artist or anywhere close to being one and I don't sell Mary Kay; this stuff worked for me and I hope it will work for you!

It starts with cleansing & moisturizing.


This is Mary Kay's time wise age-fighting cleanser & moisturizer. I started just using my Mom's then I absolutely fell in LOVE with it. Leaves my skin feeling clean and hydrated! I wash my face in the morning & at night.


Left: Timewise matte-wear liquid foundation (shade 5)/ Middle: under-eye corrector/ Right: Translucent Power

All these products are light but provide great coverage. They don't clog my pores and they stay on all day. Make sure to pat your foundation on instead of rubbing it! Set the foundation & concealer with the translucent powder for long lasting coverage. 


Left: Bronzing powder (light-medium)/ Right: Mineral cheek color (shy blush)

I just apply small amounts of each of these to bring some color to my face.


Left: Liquid eye-liner (jet black)/ Middle: New mascara/ Right: Cream eye-color (beach blonde) 

And next I'll show it on my face...selfies are awkward.

I promise this isn't a sponsored post but hopefully this will help some of you feel comfortable in your own skin and will allow you to wear less makeup! These products have definitely cleaned up and kept my skin fresh.

I get my stuff from a woman named Debbie & you can contact her at (951) 283-3452 or at She will help you find the perfect products for you & will let you try everything before you purchase it!