random thoughts

random thoughts

Whenever I post blogs I usually write them all out in my journal whenever I feel prompted by God to write. I felt like I just needed to sit down and let the words flow without rehearsing it. So here are just some of the random thoughts that are going from my brain to my fingers then onto the keyboard and out to you.

Lately I have been thinking about how short life really is. If you say "Time goes by so fast" to anyone who is older than you they usually emphasize that the older you get the faster time goes. I don't want to waste my life; we only get ONE shot! That's so crazy.

I don't want to waste my precious time here on earth dwelling on the negative. I don't to waste it doing things I don't love. I don't want to waste it shopping for things I don't need. 

America is awesome; it really is! But America's culture is pretty messed up right now. Im referring specifically to CA; it is so commercialized and fast paced that it is easy to get caught up in the rat race! It feels so good to just slow down and enjoy time with the people you love. I encourage whoever is reading this right now to slow down this upcoming week. Breathe. This sunday (the start of the week) go attend church with your family, get some lunch together, go for a hike, and just slow down. 

Think about the things in life that get you mad. What makes your skin just crawl and your blood just boil with anger. Once you identify what that is pray and ask God to take it away, to remove it from your life. It might be your problem so ask God to change your perspective. 

Don't waste the precious time you have on this earth.