Kristen Ellingson

Stages of Wedding Planning.

Kristen Ellingson
Stages of Wedding Planning.

Planning a wedding on a budget is serious business. Here are the different stages I've gone through so far.

1. pre-engagement

You know he is going to pop the question soon. You already have your dream wedding planned out (on a secret Pinterest board).

2. post engagement

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. You are finally able to make that Pinterest board public. You cry tears of joy/excitement with friends and future bridesmaids. You day dream about the wedding & marriage 24/7.

3. real planning

Now you are at the point where you start ordering and making reservations. You realize how much everything cost...

4. let's just get eloped

Why spend money on throwing a party for other people!? This is is about US, right?!

5. you realize this isn't just about you

Even though this day is about your marriage, people who love & care about you want to experience this amazing day with you. 

BUT THEE HARDEST PART...the guest list.