November 21, 2016: LB

Hello! Today is Monday November 21! I captured some photos throughout the day & I want to share them with you!

8:00AM: I started the morning off with work at the fitness camp I work for! I get to watch the little kiddos & take photos for their social media. I love it there SO much.

10:00AM: Finished work & drove home quick to meet my friend Maddie Schroeder. She greeted me with a donut & it was epic. We headed out to Long Beach where our dear friend Jill Craig lives.

11:00AM: We arrived at Jill's apartment & it was the cutest place I've ever seen.

I literally loved everything about her place. It is decorated so perfectly and has so much character. 

11:30AM: Next we headed out to find some great coffee. I already had coffee & a random fact about me is if I have more than one cup my hands shake & my heart beats really fast haha

12:00PM: We drove into downtown area & found some cute little shops to look around. There was a vintage Coach bag in the thrift shop we found & it was in such great condition. I withheld & didn't buy it. I wish one of you could go swoop on it, it was such a good deal!



12:45PM: NEXT WAS PIZZAAAAA. We got such a good deal!  Buy one get one freeeeee!

And that basically sums up our day in Long Beach! I'm currently hanging out with Shane & we are going over to his parents house to pick up some Christmas lights & visit with them.

Thank you so much for reading & for following my blog. Have a super awesome day & make a new friend!