the bag that goes with everything.

I describe my style as simple yet functional. I hate wearing things that I have to worry about through the day. I'm all about comfort and the materials ability to perform. I found a great great bag that is so comfortable, cute, and functional. 

This is the The Transport Satchel by Madewell in the color english saddle & it's incredible. I currently have two books, a makeup bag, my wallet, a water bottle, keys, my phone, and a little change bag shoved inside of it. Even though it looks small it can fit a TON. 

On the inside there are two little slots that are perfect for your phone & keys! I have an Iphone 7+ and it fits perfectly!

It has an adjustable strap that allows you to decrease or increase the length by about 4 inches. Something I really love about this bag is the way that the leather is wearing, there is no sign of discoloration but I can feel it softening up and becoming more flexible. I would recommend this bag to anyone. There are a few on sale right now on   so hurry up and go get yours!