Kristen EllingsonComment

the "no-makeup" makeup routine

Kristen EllingsonComment
the "no-makeup" makeup routine

Beauty standards are very strange. I can't get over the whole contour, highlight, over lip lining, make your eyebrows as thick as your big toe trend right now. Everyone looks better with less make-up but nothing is wrong with picking your face up a little! Here are my go to products to achieve the "no-makup" makeup look! Shoutout to Danielle Ryan for helping me find most of these products!

Always start with moisturizing! This is pure argan oil by Josie Maran, I use this at night then I use a smaller amount in the morning before applying foundation!

The next product I use is also by Josie Maran, its her Vibrancy fluid foundation. I use about half a pump of this and apply it sparingly to any "problem" areas on my face. This foundation leaves your skin looking glowy and moisturized. 

The next product is blush! I use this one by Mary Kay because I feel like it compliments my skin tone but the brand doesn't really matter! Just apply it lightly over the apples of your cheeks!

Now it's time to clean up those brows! This is thee best brow pencil i've ever used! It creates such fine lines it's easy to achieve a natural look. I would really recommend just filling in the bare spots and not just making it one thick line.

Next I apply mascara, I just swoop it over my lashes like once or twice!

This is a highlight by smashbox, I apply a little to the tip of my nose and the very tops of my cheeks and that's it! 

Lips are the last thing! Wow I found this lipstick from Anthro and fell in love with it! It's by the brand Albeit in the color Rosewood then I top it off with the Rosebud Salve!

Alright that's it! It should only take like 5-10 min! Hopefully these products will work for you as well!!


  • Josie Maran Argan Oil: Sold on her website &
  • Josie Maran Vibrancy Foundation: Sold on her website &
  • Mary Kay Blush: You just have to search for a consultant local to you!
  • Anastasia Brow Pencil: Sold at Sephora
  • Covergirl Mascara: Sold at Target and many other stores!
  • Smashbox highlight: Sold at Sephora
  • Albeit Lipstick: Sold at Anthropolgie
  • Rosebud Slave: Sold at Sephora